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The story of Land Rover goes back to the early postwar years.

In 1947, Maurice Wilks was working with his brother, Spencer, on the design of a new prototype 4×4 that used a Jeep chassis and axles.

This would eventually become what the Rover Company called the “Land Rover Series,” which got off the ground in 1948. Before long, Land Rover would become synonymous with excellence in off-road performance throughout the world.

In fact, by 1951 Land Rover had proven itself to the extent that King George VI honored the brand with a Royal Warrant.

After a number of years under the management of the British Leyland Motor Corporation for a number of years, Land Rover gained its own company name and organization in 1978 while remaining under the umbrella of British Leyland.

Other major landmarks over the years include:

  • Introduction of the Land Rover Range Rover – 1970
  • Acquisition by BMW – 1994
  • Introduction of Land Rover Range Rover Sport – 2005
  • Acquisition by Tata Motors – 2008
  • Fourth-generation Land Rover Range Rover unveiled – 2012
  • Second-generation Land Rover Defender unveiled – 2021

Land Rover VIN plate location: where to find?

Your Land Rover VIN should appear on your vehicle registration and insurance documents, but you can also find it on the car itself. Check these places:

The VIN number on a LHD (left-hand-drive) car is located at the base of the windscreen on the driver side of the vehicle in used car models.

The VIN number on a UK (right-hand drive) car is located at the base of the windscreen on the passenger side of the vehicle in used car models.

The chassis number can also be found under the bonnet of the vehicle stamped / printed near the top of the suspension mounting.

The Land Rover VIN number should be similar in structure to SAL..............

Land Rover VIN Checker


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